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18 / 04 / 17

Privacy Please. Closet Talk.


I admit that I get on this 90s grunge trend pretty late, but choker, over the knee socks/boots and fishnet stockings, are absolutely my current closet staples! I am not ready to jump on another trend yet. With these three basic accessories, you can easily play with what you currently have in the wardrobe.… [Read more]

24 / 02 / 17

What’s In My Bag?


My bags are always on a rotation basis as I need it to match it with my outfit of the day (usually outfitsssss of the day). I recently invested in Chanel Le Boy as part of my closet staple, the bag looks small but all of these stuff can really fit in it with quite an organized ‘compartment’.… [Read more]

22 / 02 / 17

Giving Your Shirt Some Attitude


Be hold! We are talking the good kind of attitude here. Fish net tights is very on trend recently, it’s edgy and full of attitude. My closet has always been more feminine, with delicate elements. To add fish net tights into my style routine, I went on to score on a leather skirt and a vintage looking t-shirt.… [Read more]

31 / 01 / 17

Party in Style + Favourite Playlist


Working has always been my priority but I always believe in having a balanced lifestyle. #WorkHardPartyHard . There is only so much I can do during daytime when everyone else is working, and I’ve realized that there’s no point stressing over work related stuff at night.… [Read more]

26 / 01 / 17

My Beauty Routine – Part I (Skincare, Foundation, Lips)


I’ve been promising to do a beauty routine post for a while…and here it is! It’s always so hard to condense a beauty post. I’m not so much of a beauty junkie, many of you think that I have perfect skin but that’s not exactly the case.… [Read more]

16 / 01 / 17

Gigi Hadid Obsession


I’m going through a pretty intense phase right now with Gigi Hadid. Thanks to my Gigi, and I think I’m starting to really fall in love with fashion and she certainly helps shape my appreciation of edginess in style. For one, I like for a fact that she has no extravagant wardrobe, and that her style is made up of more basic items with a strike of boldness, sporty and sexy at the same time, very New Yorker, yet she’s rocking everything.… [Read more]

27 / 12 / 16

A Mini Travel Guide To Matsuyama, Japan (松山)


If you are looking for a real relaxing trip, I highly recommend Matsuyama ,Japan!(松山) Never had I thought of such a wonderful time and travel experience in a non-urban city.(Maybe I can even call it a farm town) Most of the places that I had been and enjoyed were big cities like New York, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.… [Read more]

18 / 12 / 16

How To Stay Stylish During Your Winter Vacay




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